Echo Chamber Project launches vlog

A few weeks ago, Kent Bye, director of the Echo Chamber project, tipped me off to a new vlog (video [web] log) he’s producing. This first episode includes an animation that tries to illustrate the folksonomy concept as well as interviews “about the upcoming media revolution” conducted at the most recent Personal Democracy Forum.
He told me, “I attempt to visually represent the ‘folksonomy tag’ concept for adding context and meaning to web sites and film sound bites to a broader audience in 10 seconds or less.”
Here’s his official description:

This is the first vlog episode about an open source, investigative documentary about how the television news became an uncritical echo chamber to the countdown towards war in Iraq – and proposed tools for collaborative journalism that can provide some solutions.
Featuring: Jay Rosen, Dan Gillmor, Doc Searls, Jonathan Landay, Pamela Hess, Bill Plante, Halley Suitt, Marilyn Schlitz and Kent Bye.
If you’d like to have future videos automatically delivered to you, then follow the directions listed in the link above for subscribing to the Echo Chamber Project with either iTunes or FireANT software.