Yes, I get sophomoric when I vent.

President Bush has announced his first priority response to the disaster in New Orleans has been to head off flooding in all major waterways surrounding Crawford, Texas. “We are not about to fall back into a passive, reactive, defensive strategy on this. If we do not fight flooding in Crawford today, we will be fighting it in New Orleans tomorrow.”
Bush pointed to a sharp decline in population density in the New Orleans area in recent days as a sign that the threat there was diminishing. “The is a very positive sign, a milestone.” However, “There is still a lot of hard work to be done, before the process is complete.”
Today, on the heels of his success against Crawford flooding, Bush is shifting location to tackle the crisis in New Orleans itself, or possibly in Washington, or in other appropriate vital locations–despite the fact that emergency-response units in these areas are not even equipped with the same model of bicycle on which Mr. Bush has qualified in the course of his training.
Bush has not actually been seen in any of those places, however there are official records of his having kept a dental appointment “directly in the very heart of some very same vicinity.”
The President refused to set a date on when his long, strategically planned vacation might end, saying that information would only give encouragement to the flooding, disease, and economic hardship we are suffering, and would send absolutely the wrong message that these problems are seriously impacting us.
“Indeed, I have no information to indicate that any of these conditions have actually had any substantial impact on us at all, based on what I have seen personally, nor from the high-level daily briefings I receive–briefings which he emphasized were maintained “without fail, every single day,” even during the most intense periods of vacation.