Have you been watching Fox and Fox type TV this past couple of days? Their coverage of the looting is making me insane.
Poor people who’ve lost everything, even lost the city they were poor in, stealing food, stealing clothes, stealing TVs, I really don’t care. Who are we to judge them? Who is the hell is Fox News to judge them? People hurting people, mugging people, gun fire — that I care about. Getting people out of town, rescuing people trapped in hospitals, trapped in projects, figuring out what to do with hundreds of thousands of refugees, rebuilding the city, that I care about
But good God. People stealing food, stealing clothes, stealing TVs, while New Orleans and Gulfport lie in ruins? That really is the least of our damn worries right now.






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  1. stew, guambat stew Avatar

    It’s all petty larceny, really, compared to the Big Boys: http://guambatstew.blogspot.com/2005/09/heartless-mother.html