A new painting every day

A year and a half ago I posted an entry at Telegraph called Daily Practices, in which I linked to a blog called A Painting a Day and wrote:

One of my favorite applications of the weblogging medium is a daily practice. My first bloglike thing was a daily journal called Breathing Room that I used as a way of making sure I did at least some writing every say.

The other day, Gautam Rao, who blogs his daily paintings at Playful Painter, dropped me a note to tell me that painting blogs have caught on as a real phenomenon. His blogroll links to a number of other painters he admires.
It’s a great idea. The blog promotes the latest work and the painters seem to be able to sell their paintings fairly readily directly through the blog. I guess this is the equivalent of other indie forms of media creation where the artist has direct control over the marketing and distribution of his or her own work.
I’m glad to see the idea spreading.






9 responses to “A new painting every day”

  1. Darren Maurer Avatar

    Gautam started his blog and is doing well. He emailed me right before he got started and I helped him with his questions and encourged him to go for it. I started my Painting A Day blog on March 26 of this year and it has been really fun.

  2. Maria loves pictures Avatar

    Very interesting development.
    I never thought that a blog can sell art like a free market.
    Would be great to know if blogs can sell art better than ebay.

  3. Fokko Aden Avatar
    Fokko Aden

    Hello Mr. Crumlish,
    yes, it has become a growing thing in the last few months. I got to know a lot of painting/sculpting/drawing blogs up till now. And it got really diverse, for example a german-english tutorial-blog on egg-tempera painting, publishing a small tempera-painting every day (http://www.thedailypaintedegg.blogspot.com). The text accompanied is sometimes really funny.
    Fokko Aden

  4. Michael Naples Avatar

    I have started the Painting a Day and have not only gotten great personal satisfaction but generous feedback from others. I post at michaelnaples.blogspot.com

  5. Jeff Hayes Avatar

    It’s turned into quite an amazing phenomenon in the last few months. Dozens of artists are practicing this discipline now. I’m maintaining a list of these artists on my Squidoo page (http://www.squidoo.com/paintingaday), and there’s also a group blog at dailypainters.blogspot.com. My own daily painting blog is at jeffhayesfinearts.blogspot.com

  6. evan parker Avatar
    evan parker

    Here’s another one i came across on the collage medium: http://dailycollageproject.blogspot.com
    Great stuff with imagination.

  7. Micah Condon Avatar

    Since there are so many ‘daily painters’, I decided to create a gallery site to feature all of their work. Formerly, the Daily Painters Blog, our new site is the Daily Painters GalleryContemporary original art for sale by painting a day artists and habitual painters. The site features almost 100 new paintings every day, by over 140 artists (and growing)