Congress-folk jump into the many

Interesting trend over on Kos of late. Senators and reps have been posting on Kos for at least a year or two. The first one I happen to remember was from Senator Boxer, and folks just loved her for it. But the frequency of these big-name-posts has definitely been on the rise, especially over the last month. A few recent examples:
During the NSA hearings, Rep. Conyers urged folks to tune in to CSPAN. Over the last week, with the Alito filibuster effort under way, Kerry and Kennedy have both repeatedly posted on Kos, urging action. (The first Kerry post was especially interesting — he generally took a shellacking on Kos during the election. And now he shows up, says he reads the blogs and doesn’t mind the abuse, and just as quick, hundreds of comments form a love parade. Makes you wonder what if anything might have happened had he posted there a year ago October).
It’s a fascinating power shift — senators and reps (or at least, staffers of senators and reps) taking their message directly to their base. Does anyone happen to know if the same phenomenon has been seen on the right? Does Santorum post on for example?






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  1. liza Avatar

    Of course not. The right never talks directly to the base. I dont know if it is good or bad or what. I do have a bit of a problem because it’s really more like a personalized press release than a real dialogue. Still, it’s a start.