Friday UX links

So maybe this will become a tradition:

  • Thomas Vander Wal discusses the concept of being a Technosocial Architect (“To many people technology gets in the way of their desired ease of use of information. Those of us who design and build in the digital space spend much of our time looking at how to make our sites and applications easier for people to use. Do you see the gap? The gap is huge!”)
  • History of the Button (“Up until the 1980s, all buttons were physical…”)
  • Definition of User Experience Revisited (“Make it easy to be happy”)
  • The Power of the Marginal (“If I had to condense the power of the marginal into one sentence it would be: just try hacking something together.”)
  • Ross Mayfield posts a link to an update of a case study on enterprise wiki and blog use (“Specific use cases such as managing meetings, brainstorming and publishing and creating presentations collaboratively…”)

Happy Fourth of July weekend!