I’m wondering who knew…

…about these student killings at the time?
Mexico Charges Ex-President in ’68 Massacre, AP, 7/1/06
“Echeverria was interior secretary, a powerful position overseeing domestic security, when Mexican troops ambushed mostly peaceful student protests at Mexico City’s Tlatelolco Plaza on Oct. 2, 1968, just before the capital hosted the Olympics. Officially, 25 people were killed, though human rights activists say as many as 350 may have died.
“Special prosecutors say they have reviewed military documents indicating 360 sharpshooters fired from buildings surrounding Tlatelolco Plaza. The attack is considered one of the darkest moments of modern Mexican history.”
Obviously my question applies only to those who were old enough to have heard about it. It occurred virtually on the doorstep of the 1968 Olympics, best remembered by many for the dramatic, gloved Black Power salute given from the winners stand by two American runners.
I was at Ramparts at the time. We had people there to cover the Olympics, and they filed harrowing reports of the killings, which we ran. Because I was so focused on our coverage, I just assumed that everybody knew about the event. But over the years, it began to seem that many people you’d expect to know about it, actually didn’t–even though thousands of reporters were on the spot for the Games. It was certainly heavily covered up in Mexico itself for many years. “Disappeared,” but bloodily, in a public square.
So, I would appreciate hearing from those “of a certain age.” Did you learn about this at the time. Or only later? Or never, until now? I guess it’s kind of a reality test. I’ll print any answers I receive wherever you are reading this now, unless you tell me No.
Thanks, David



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