is it just me that thinks we’ve lost our minds?

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During all the recent news hoopla about the trial of Zacarias Moussaoui I kept trying to remember what he actually did. Did he fly the planes? (No, those guys are all dead). Did he plan the attacks? (Hmmm, wasn’t that Osama bin Laden?). Did he aid and abet any of the dead guys who flew the planes? (Well, Al Queda spokespeople have denied he was a player, and from a group that likes to lay claim to evil doing that would tend to make me believe them). Okay, he was part of a conspiracy to commit the crime. And then, for good measure, he lied about it and therefore caused the deaths of everyone on 9/11 because, if he hadn’t lied, we would have been able to prevent the disaster. Something like that. So the courtroom and the nation are then presented with the spectacle of the horror relived in video, audio, and personal stories of grief. And the jury will probably vote for death for the angry, addled human being whose name will now live in infamy.
Meanwhile, the real masterminds of 9/11 are free somewhere. And a country entirely irrelevant to 9/11 becomes the ill-conceived target of an American president eager to make a hero of himself, and slowly sinks into the hell of sectarian civil war.