Link digest for March 13

I was joking with a coworker about how the new hotness is Trashing Web 2.0. But seriously, there’s some interesting stuff out on the web when you go looking for it. Mobile Web 2.0 is all about AJAX for Mobile Devices although TS in engineering points out that the phone we both own (Audiovox SMT5600) already supports AJAX with Mobile Internet Explorer.
Some interesting stuff on the Analytics front as well – Mapsurface is “a web page activity widget that helps you quickly see how people find, navigate and value the pages of your web site.” While CrazyEgg allows you to “easily see where visitors are clicking on a page and where they’re not”.
TechCrunch is the ultimate destination for all things Web 2.0 and in fact, positions itself as “Tracking Web 2.0”. Noteworthy posts include Zooomr which they claim is better than Flickr in several key areas and Skobeee which looks like a healthy alternative to Evite.
Ikarma wins for most interesting innovation of the day – and most transparency. I only wish they had space for more industries.
Lastly, 143 Resources on Online Tools, Generators, and Checkers may indeed prove useful. Wish it was more than just a massive list of links though.. something like the Web Developer’s Handbook perhaps.