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  • Super friends

    Super friends

    Between recording sessions and working for the state, I’ve been planning a redux of the one-day remote Design in Product conference and just posted a video over on Linky-Din promoting it.

  • In the public sector, what’s the product?

    In the public sector, what’s the product?

    UX Lisbon has now put up online their video of my closing talk from last year’s conference. I listened to it again this morning and I think it holds up and still captures how I feel about the work I am doing. I will be giving an updated and vastly briefer version of this talk…

  • The 12 Pods of 2022

    Twelve podcasts of 2022

  • This thing on?

    If I did this right, then my blog is now on the Fediverse at — do the double at signs bother any else? @@

  • The right question to ask when solving a problem: Why? (not Who?)

    a wise friend of mine once told me when there is a problem you can ask WHO or WHY? WHO is about blame. “Who messed up? Who is at fault? Who should we fire?” but WHY is about learning “Why did this happen? Why didn’t we notice? Why don’t we check for that?” … WHY…

  • Let there be music

    I’m embedding this Joe Russo’s Almost Dead show (which comes very highly recommended from musicologist Jake Cohen) into my blog here to illustrate how “badging out” works as an open strategy for distributing content socially: