Palestinian Public Opinion

Note: I did do some “cherry-picking” for the data I liked best! Also: PIPA (Program on International Policy Attitudes), the source of this report, is well regarded as credible.
Reported by (Publication of the Program on International Policy Attitudes)
Near East Consulting (NEC) poll of Palestinians, Jan. 27-29,
Hamas position calling for the elimination of Israel
Hamas should change its position: 63%
Hamas should maintain its position: 21%
“Even among those who voted for Hamas, only 37 percent support Hamas’ position that Israel does not have the right to exist.”
“[E]ighty percent support a peace agreement.”
JMCC poll (Jerusalem Media & Communication Center) poll of Palestinians, Feb. 8-12,
Two-state solution: 58%
“A bi-national state on all of historic Palestine”: 22%
Islamic state (a volunteered response): 3%
Among those who said they voted for Hamas, the reason given:
Hamas “political agenda”: 12%
Hoped Hamas would end corruption: 43%
“The poll also found that 73% do not want [President] Abbas, a Fatah leader, to resign from the presidency.”