Snakes on the m.f. plane

Oh, man. I can’t wait to see Snakes on a Plan, starring Samuel L. Jackson. When Mike Stillman posted from a screenwriter who’s turning “snakes on a plane” into a mantra, and it looks like it is for real.
Here’s another guy’s idea of how the script might look:

SAMUEL L JACKSON: You’ve got to listen to me. There are SNAKES… on the PLANE!
CUT TO: Samuel L Jackson punching a snake. The snake is wearing a pair of jeans.
Jackson finally knocks the snake out. He rummages through the snake’s pockets and is shocked by what he finds.
SAMUEL L JACKSON: Oh my God. This snake has a PILOT’S LICENCE!
CUT TO: Samuel L. Jackson is talking on one of those phones they have in the seatbacks of planes. Tears are streaming down his face.
SAMUEL L JACKSON: Listen, sweetie, I know I haven’t been the best father. I’m so sorry. I don’t think I’m going to get through this, and I wanted you to know something: I love you very, very much. Oh, and by the way, there are motherfucking SNAKES! On the goddamn PLANE!
VOICEOVER: Coming soon: SNAKES ON A PLANE. Because on a plane… nobody can hear the snakes.