Yes, we were hacked

I’ve nearly recovered or recreated all the pages and templates that were damaged by the nasty little scriptkiddy who hacked our server. I’d rather not go into detail about how it happened, at least until I’m sure we’ve locked the barn door.






2 responses to “Yes, we were hacked”

  1. Owsley Stanley IV Avatar
    Owsley Stanley IV

    Why did someone hack you? Was it personal, political, professional, philosophical? Or just random?
    And now a message for the hacker: Yo hacker! I’ll bet you’re so stupid that you’ll waste time trying to trace me. And hack me too. And fail. I’ve never been hacked successfully, so piss off.
    There. That ought to annoy him. Or her.

  2. xian Avatar

    Actually, I think it’s simple bullying. There was a flaw in our web server that enabled a simple “exploit” by a mindless script kiddy. For me, it means whitewashing over a bunch of graffiti, mostly.
    In a few cases a blog template or non-blog page was damaged and I’ll either need to recreate the page from memory or take this as an opportunity to do some re-design.
    I don’t think this “hacker” (doesn’t deserve the honorific, honestly) is anywhere near smart enough to track you down, er, Bear.