Apocalypse from the Moment of Conception

US charges 4 men in plot to blow up JFK airport, Boston Globe, 6/3/07
“[T]he alleged plot was never close to fruition. The FBI had been tracking the alleged plot since 2006, and a member of the group was an FBI informant. In addition, the suspects lacked both the expertise and equipment [explosives, for example] necessary to turn their aspiration into a reality…”
DKo: It was barely a gleam in the eye. But this is the Bush administration’s Article of Faith: Every horrendous aspiration has, from the very moment of its conception, the right to treated as full-grown, real life threat. I mean, it’s not like they just hype something up whenever things have been too quiet. Is it?
“Roslynn Mauskop, the US attorney in Brooklyn, described the arrests as a major victory that broke up ‘one of the most chilling plots imaginable…’”
DKo: This person needs to read some Edger Allen Poe.



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