Invasion of the *funny* snatchers, you mean

Mankind's Last Hope logo
Our survey of the zany madcap futuristic scenarios of the 21st century takes us now to the year 2055, where we will learn from “a post-apocalyptic workplace situation comedy” called Mankind’s Last Hope who conquered the human race, why, and what they’re keeping the remnants of our ragtag band of homo sapiens alive for (hint, it involves greeting cards, scrimshaw, and protein).
A while back my friends Dan aka Cecil aka Dan and Jeff “The Pompetus of dBase” Green collaborated on the aforementioned sitcom, writing a pilot and ultimately an entire first season. My participation has been limited to table reads and watching an early undress rehearsal of the theatrical staging of the first three episodes in play form by the Virago Theatre Company
These three episodes are now slated to open October 26 at Rhythmix Cultural Works (2513 Blanding Ave, Alameda) and run for two consecutive weekends.
Cecil aka Dan aka Cecil has more information on his bblog, where he also features a preview of the show’s new theme song, penned by erstwhile Stryker keybist Brent Jeffers, so you know that’s got to rock.
I always wanted to consume must-see TV filmed before a live studio audience and now that chance is coming mega-soon, as the kids will say in the year 2055, if there are any kids left alive.