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  • Invasion of the *funny* snatchers, you mean

    Our survey of the zany madcap futuristic scenarios of the 21st century takes us now to the year 2055, where we will learn from “a post-apocalyptic workplace situation comedy” called Mankind’s Last Hope who conquered the human race, why, and what they’re keeping the remnants of our ragtag band of homo sapiens alive for (hint,…

  • Beaker sings 'Feelings'

    Today’s been pretty stressful. This was just the chuckle I needed:

  • Netflix me baby

    Gradually, b and I are entering the 21st century. We just got a DVD player (but not a TiVo or other PVR yet, and we still don’t have cable or satellite – how to choose by the way?). So of course I just signed us up for a free NetFlix trial. Our queue should now…

  • Bill O'Reilly unites left and right

    The loathsome, overblown, mendacious bullying TV host Bill O’Reilly has grabbed a tiger by the tail by using his mass-broadcast media pulpit to castigate the Internet. Bloggers of all stripes bite back.

  • Product placement on the news

    Jeff Green exposes how some companies pay to have their products mentioned on the TV news.

  • His dreams were his ticket out

    Jeff Green wonders what we were laughing at, when we were laughing at the Sweat Hogs. All I know is that there was a time “sport shirt on the iceberg” chanted to the beat of a conga line could crack up me and my sibs without fail. Around this time we were equally susceptible to…