Multitouch OS X video iPod coming?

AppleInsider | Multi-touch video iPods to arrive in August – report:
>During a private meeting last month, Apple’s traditionally tight-lipped chief executive Steve Jobs all but broke the silence on the future of the video iPod. Speaking to employees at the Apple Town Hall, he said a division of the company was hard at work on next-generation iPods that, like iPhone, would run an embedded version of the Mac OS X operating system.
> Picking up on Jobs’ comments were Wall Street analysts such as Piper Jaffray’s Gene Munster, who in a report to clients earlier this week suggested that the current iteration of iPhone represents much of what Apple’s flagship iPod line will soon be.
> “Specifically, we expect Apple to release high capacity iPods based on OS X sometime during or before Macworld ’08 in January,” he wrote.
If it’s got wifi (hmm, and especially if I can add Skype), then I won’t *need* an iPhone.






3 responses to “Multitouch OS X video iPod coming?”

  1. Rayne Avatar

    GROOVY!! While I don’t personal own any Apple products (my daughter has an iPod, maybe that counts), I do own AAPL stock in my kids’ college fund. They continue to push the envelope in a way that forces the rest of the pack to play catch-up, and this video iPod would be the next push.
    What I would REALLY like to see next is a buy-out of XG Technology by an established company like AAPL, with the intent to use its new WiFi technology to self-service its own systems. Would make Skype accessibility much easier.

  2. Evan Morgan Avatar
    Evan Morgan

    Skype would be great on the iPod, the only problem is that the iPod would have to have a built-in microphone, or support for an external one, which in my mind, is quite doubtful. Either way, the iPhone doesn’t have quite enough storage space for me, I wish Apple had made it with hard drive storage, but the downside to hard drives is that they can be broken more easily.
    The next-gen iPod will DEFINITELY be the next major gadget purchase that I make. My best guess is that it will be released in August like it’s predecessor, or in October simultaneously with the release of Mac OS 10.5 Leopard.
    Other rumors that I have heard about Apple products are that the Mac Mini is soon to be remodeled, and that the iMac should soon be available in a brushed aluminum casing.

  3. David Spruce Avatar

    Whatever… the ipod sucks. People get hyped if they add a “clip” to the piece of crap. I guess that’s what market dominance is; you don’t have to have the best quality or best priced product but people will talk about you. You kow how the saying goes “If you know twenty people with new ipods then you know 20 with broken ones.”