SXSW namedropping, day four

last night was insane. at some point i should write about some panels. Leisa Reichelt is a sweetheart.
* [Renee Blodgett](
* [Kristy Duncan](
* [Kevin Smokler](
* [Micah Alpern](
* [Luke Wroblewski](
* [Liz Henry](
* [Evan Prodromou](
* [Rob Condit](
* [Nancy Scola](
* [Liza Sabater](
* [Will Giese](
* [Liz Danzico](
* [Robert Hoekman](
* [Chris Fahey](
* [Cyndi Fling](
* [Jeremy Hubert](
* [Molly Steenson](
* [George Oates](
* [Ben Cerveny](
* [Richard Pope](
* [Leisa Reichelt](
* I know for sure I’m forgetting people I met at SxNW and earlier – if we met and I forgot to list you, let me know and I’ll fix! … also, earlier but forgot to mention:
* [Brian Fling](, after his presentation, sunday or saturday
* [Jory Des Jardins](, actually Friday at the airport but I spaced