SXSW namedropping, day three

· conventionology

I must be getting old (duh) since by then end of a half-hour fascinating conversation I no longer remember the name of the person I just met and it’s too dark and rainy to discreetly look at their badge to refresh my decaying braincells, so apologies in advance to very cool people (you know who you are, even if I don’t) who I haven’t captured on my stupid list:
* [Sooz](
* [Brian Fitzgerald](
* [Liz E. Burr](
* [Molly Holzschlag](
* [Steve Champeon](
* [Tikva Morowati](
* [Rashmi Sinha](
* [Ryan King](
* [Jason Shellen](
* [Thomas Vander Wal](
* [Jeremy Keith](
* damn forgetting names of very cool people i met and talked to for, like, minutes on end!
* [Rob Pongsajapan](
* [Don Turnbull](
* rain definitely dampened meetingses
* Derek Powazek
* Heather Champ
Also, didn’t meet but very much enjoyed the stand-up comedy slash storytelling stylings of [Todd Levin]( at Fray Café.