Yes, Josh, There Is a Bill of Rights

Back in 2002, I got this email from my brother’s brother-in-law,
Josh Kiok. Kind of relevant.
>Dear David,
>Once again I’m shocked, shocked! I suspect you already
know about this, but just in case you don’t, a recent series
of articles appeared in the SF Chronicle about the FBI/CIA
spying on the Free Speech Movement. You can find them at <>
*** [Me, per a famous newspaper column answering a little girl
who had asked if there really was a Santa Claus.]
Yes, Josh, There Is a Bill of Rights
Of course, you are shocked, Josh. You have heard thoughtless
adults imply that the Bill of Rights is just a pleasant story
that we tell to children.
But rest assured, Josh, as long as we can dream, as long as we
can fantasize, as long as we can pretend, there will always be a
Bill of Rights.



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