Bucket list achievement unlocked

I have often said I will end up as a minor footnote in Grateful Dead history, on the back of my obscure essays and peripheral involvement with “Dead scholarship.” Recently, one of my writer pals with similar obsessions has been the host of the Good Ol’ Grateful Deadcast, which has quickly turned into one of the most thorough, accessible, entertaining, and informative documentaries about that zany band ever.

Host Jesse Jarnow has occasionally up to now quoted me as a “friend of the show,” mainly citing my oft proffered observation that “Dark Star was hiding out in Bird Song during the ’80s.” Smarter musicologists tell me how this is technically not true but I’d say listen to some of those deep modal jams and get back to me.

This week, Jesse graciously had me on the podcast! as a guest to discuss Dead-related internet lore and Usenet memes. It was a blast and a real honor. Footnote status practically guaranteed now!

They tout the show as “for the committed and the curious,” so give it a listen:

or if you prefer an iTunes link…