Getting the itch

It feels like time to blog again. For one thing, a lot of stuff is happening every day and I’m losing track so just literally logging interesting things right now would be a good idea.

Home page of the Design in Product Conference at
Home page of the upcoming conference

Also, the microblog walled gardens are starting to eat themselves and this blog can be part of the fediverse, I believe.

In the meantime, today I had a good meeting planning the Design in Product conference (coming December 6). I also had a nice interview with Jesse Jarnow, my pal and one of the hosts of the Good Ol’ Grateful Deadcast, on the early days of Usenet,, the 5/8/77 hoax, and Dale the Porsche Guy.

I also picked up my new computer glasses. What a difference they make!

OK, what else? A few podcasts dropped this week: