Why I use a chamois

So a lot have been going on. Usually I rush over here breathless with excitement about my latest recording session but now I’m in catch-up mode again. Back in October I took off a long weekend for my birthday, and on that Friday went to Megasonic to record “Sham Song” (also known as “Chanson”).

After I sat down and wrote my first song (more on that in the next post), I realized that a little thing I had been making up for my own amusement contained a part that could repeat as a chorus, so I sat down to figure out some chord changes to accompany the melody as I heard it (pretty sure Dan helped me with that part, as I am only just starting to get the hang of how to harmonize a melodic line), and realized I had written a bit of a sham song before I ever wrote a real song:

This work in progress is produced by David Gans and engineered by Jeremy G Goody. It features David Gans on acoustic guitar, Robert Wade on (electric) bass, and myself on vocals and ukuleles (electric and acoustic).



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