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Freedom’s just another word for “let me tell you what to do”

· 2004 Election

As I was laying in bed last night counting Republicans, I started thinking about the whole “moral values” thing. What I realized–and maybe this should be filed under “bleeding obvious”–is that the two main issues, gays and abortion, are both classic cases of “I should be free to follow my values, and you also should be free to follow my values.” In other words, “I don’t believe in homosexuality or abortion. So you homosexuals, quit gaying it up, and you women, no abortions for you.”
You might be tempted to call this un-American. Then again, you could equally well argue that in America freedom has always been a code word for “I get all the freedom I want, you get all the freedom I feel like giving you.” (See also: indentured servitude, slavery, women’s rights, civil rights, etc. etc.)
The United States of Canada are looking better and better.

Johnny, we hardly knew ye

· 2004 Election

Nice speech by Mr. Kerry – positive, thoughtful, inspirational even. At one point he appeared to shed a tear. Funny how candidates always seem to be at their best when the campaign is over – especially, for some reason, in concession speeches. I remember watching Gore when he (finally) conceded and thinking, “Wow, he’s an actual human being! This guy would have gotten a lot more votes than the guy who’s been campaigning all year.”
Could it be the secret is to campaign as if you’ve already lost?

America, You Ignorant Slut

· 2004 Election

That phrase has been running through my head all morning. It makes me laugh, and I need to laugh, because this election has been a stark reminder of just how backward we are as a country. Not stupid, but gullible, easily manipulated, ruled by fear, and still in possession of a whole laundry list of 19th and 20th-century prejudices. Also, there was a nice item on CNN Headline this morning about how fast the Arctic ice is melting, a little hint of the repercussions to come if we don’t get our heads out of the middle ages and start dealing with the real issues of the modern world.
Now, off to watch the concession speech.