RSS meme gets a weblog

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Just when I’m thinking of saying webfeeds to people and wondering why any normal person would care if Atom or RSS were or were not offered in equal measure by some service, Dave Winer puts his weblogging where his mouth is with the new Really Simple Syndication site.
I’ve just posted more about this (and reprinted Dave’s inaugural post) over at The Power of Many where we tend to refer to much the same assorted phenomena with the umbrella term “the living web” coined by a fellow from daypop and reamplified by Marc Bernstein in his famous 10 Rules post for A List Apart, which I believe has also been linked from both Blogistan and the POM blog.

flesh cartoons

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words and music by Robyn Hitchcock (email downstyle of capitalization mine all mine mine mine):

linda ryan in the sky
i seen her laughing
but i never seen her cry
she took her fireman
it was her half-empty flight
he brought his hose and
everything just turned out right
i’m just watching…
german leather
a german tongue
lapping pleasure
when’s he’s rubbery and young
he played the oboe
i thought he would
he does it better
than a guitarist like me could
i’m just watching, don’t mind me…
i’m just watching on my own…
flesh cartoons
flesh cartoons
life is easy
life goes by
linda ryan
she’s still up there in the sky
thank you linda
she doesn’t age
despite the weather
she looks the same on every page
i’m just watching, don’t mind me
i’m just watching on my own
i got no feelings
i got no friends
i’ve got insurance
and i despise those who pretend
life’s a movie
life’s a dream
i love you baby
things are always what they seem
i’m just watching, don’t mind me…
i’m just watching on my own…
flesh cartoons
flesh cartoons
“loony, oh loony, oh loony, oh loony, oh”
yeah, i said, “loony, oh loony, oh loony, oh loony, oh”
whoah, i said loony, oh loony, oh loony, oh loony, oh””
yeah, i said “loony, oh loony, oh loony, oh loony, oh loony, oh loony, oh loony, oh loony, oh”

Phish calls it quits

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I’m not a huge Phish head but I really like some of their material and I love their whole approach to making live improvised rock ‘n’ roll together.
They also share some contemporaneous New Jersey-in-the-mid-’80s experiences with me in their origin stories (the Rhombus, the miniature guitars, the strange period in 1985 where the Dead head scene in Princeton was awash with acid).
Also, I represent The Mockingbird Foundation as their literary agent for their Phish Companion series with Backbeat Books.
We are shipping the second edition to the printer any day now, so this news of the band’s breakup caught us short. With touring bands there is always the temptation to hold off a little longer to add the next run of shows, especially if it’s about to be the finale (supposedly), but the truth is it probably makes more sense to come out on time and immediately start work on a retrospective third edition to come out in 2006 or so and be “Phish complete.”
It’s not my decision, of course. I’m just a consigliere on this deal, but I like all the people involved (and the band), so I care how it works out.
Here’s the text of the announcement:


Last Friday night, I got together with Mike, Page and Fish to talk openly about the strong feelings I’ve been having that Phish has run its course and that we should end it now while it’s still on a high note. Once we started talking, it quickly became apparent that the other guys’ feelings, while not all the same as mine, were similar in many ways – most importantly, that we all love and respect Phish and the Phish audience far too much to stand by and allow it to drag on beyond the point of vibrancy and health. We don’t want to become caricatures of ourselves, or worse yet, a nostalgia act. By the end of the meeting, we realized that after almost twenty-one years together we were faced with the opportunity to graciously step away in unison, as a group, united in our friendship and our feelings of gratitude.

So Coventry will be the final Phish show. We are proud and thrilled that it will be in our home state of Vermont. We’re also excited for the June and August shows, our last tour together. For the sake of clarity, I should say that this is not like the hiatus, which was our last attempt to revitalize ourselves. We’re done. It’s been an amazing and incredible journey. We thank you all for the love and support that you’ve shown us.

–Trey Anastasio

Hot damn

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It’s too early to celebrate but I just resubmitted Chapter 9, the final chapter of my book, the recursive, regressive one about media and publishing and information and knowledge and journalism and books and this book itself. That leaves one chapter left to rewrite. Of course it’s the politics chapter, the biggest mother in the whole book, but it’s about time I revisited it. (I wrote the first draft when everybody thought Howard Dean was a shoo-in for Democratic nominee.)
There’s also a glossary. And then six or so of the chapters need to be redone one more time after the copyeditor and my peer reviewer have had a crack at it. So I’m not there yet, but I still feel like letting one a mini- war whoop because this has not been easy.
I don’t know whether to eat something now or take a nap.