Media Junkie Update

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New at Junk Mail since the last update here:

  • A prescient blast from the past (The Onion on Bush’s inaugural)
  • Bill Moyers defends his ethics and NOW
  • Salon wonders if Harken will become W.’s Whitewater
  • Possible U.S. coverup of Afghan wedding disaster
  • SEC never “exonerated” Bush
  • Salon Blog: Bush Impeachment Countdown
  • Talking Points Memo on Homeland Security unionbusting
  • Protesters calmly assert right to peaceably assemble
  • Counterpunch challenges some popular myths about Islam

"Market Fundamentalism"

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I’m starting to notice this term (market fundamentalism) cropping up more and more from the left. Did it take severe accounting scandals and a precipitous drop in the Dow to bring forth the idea that this flavor of absolutism has become gospel on the right?
Speaking of the scandals, I remember when the mantra was “It’s not a political scandal, it’s a business scandal.” I think this has backfired for the Republicans because they are perceived as the business party (I say perceived because both parties take lots of corporate lettuce). Worse, it reminds us that market fundamentalism has privileged the business world over politics and government in general, so even right-wing politicians end up having to support reigning in business when their own interests are threatened.

Lieberman Had his Chance

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Joe Conason says Gore should run if only to preempt Lieberman, saying he added very little to the ticket in 2000. I’d tend to agree. I’m still fuming at him for giving a Cheney a pass during their one debate when Cheney claimed that his windfall fortune of the ’90s “had nothing to do” with the government. He was lying at least three different ways at once:

  1. Cheney’s government experience and Gulf War connections got him the job
  2. Halliburton landed contracts based on his connections
  3. Halliburton got tremendous government aid and loan guarantees during that time.

Not to mention the economic climate that the government guarantees and infrastructure the government either maintains or supports.)

Coming Attractions

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Tomorrow I’ll compare Radio and Blogger.
I’ll also look at the term (and practice of) “blogrolling.”