Category: In Christ There is No East or West

  • Falling rain jig (electric rawk)

    headphones on? falling rain, electric rawk remix.

  • Falling rain jig (old timey)

    From English hymn to African-American spiritual to Fahey acoustic guitar blues to christmas carol to jazz piano to cabaret to falling rain version, another improvised arrangement on a theme.

  • G clef piano part arranged for ukulele and voice

    Might also post this without my voice, because though the strums and plucks can be labored, there’s a reasonably successful set of parts, lead, counterpoint, bass, and chords all overdubbed by machines of loving grace.

  • No East or West (classic-rock uke take)

    Add to my vocal take and Cecil’s sepulchral midi piano take (the “15-foot Christian” one) this reasonably crisp run-through of the melody on ukulele, processed to sound like electric guitar. Note the hymn originally had a right-boring Anglican melody called St. Peter and this version is set to an African-American spiritual, hence its lovely pentatonic…

  • Let's get Meta-phiz-sick-ill

    metaphizickillin’ great tase less filling when i’m chill’n dissing bob dylan* while my radiator’s illin’ *see remix nightmare (land of toil and bluff mix), see also Metaphysical home[sic] Blooz Nos. 12 and 35 if only because of the stoopit name. And plus that’s what this post is about to, almost forgot.

  • Postcartesian Metaphysical Home[sic] Blues

    Not knowing the real words to the Wesley-esque hymn transmitted to me through John Fahey’s Skip James-loving hands, I’ve made up some postcartesian lyrics of my own. Here’s a reference vocal take of all the verses.