No Outside

Cecil found the chords underlying my vocal, and has developed them in a new direction. I am having trouble matching his time (swing, swing) but it’s fun trying on this take of No Outside.






2 responses to “No Outside”

  1. Scot Hacker Avatar

    I am thinking of Leonard Cohen as I hear this. “Remember when I moved in you, and the holy doves were moving to, and the angels up above sang Hallejujah.”
    A lovely germ of a song, or is it the whole song?

  2. xian Avatar

    I got dem ol postcartesian metaphysical west coast homes [sic] blues:
    In Christ there is no east or west
    There is no north or south
    There’s no up or down, no left nor right
    There is nothing inside or outside
    In Christ there is no boss or slave
    There is no day, there is no night
    There’s no work, no play, no go away
    There is no one inside or outside
    In Christ there is no straight or gay
    There is no shame, there is no pride
    There’s no black or white nor puerto rican
    There’s no man, there’s no woman, no child
    In Christ there is no in the past
    There is no once or future time
    There is only now, there’s a way somehow
    There is nowhen inside or outside
    In Christ there is no major scale
    There is no capo and no slide
    There’s no syncopation played too square
    There is no way to play too outside
    In Christ there is no earth or air
    There is no water, there’s no fire
    There’s no sky nor sea, no you, no me
    There is nowhere inside or outside