Sitting next to my father

It could be a very curious experience sitting next to my father watching a bad movie. He thoroughly enjoyed anticipating the next line of a predictable dialog.
This involved more than just getting the words right. There was also the timing. It had to be quick, and had to hit on the half-beat in the movie’s pacing, exactly midway between two lines spoken on the screen. So I’d hear my father first, courteously sotto voce, and then hear the actor on the screen repeating him! As in…
“Have you completely lost your senses?”
No, I’ve just come to them.
No, I’ve just come to them!”
Or this one:
“What’s stopping you? Nobody will know.”
I’ll know.

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One response to “Sitting next to my father”

  1. Bob Avatar

    It was those silly, lightly-mocking, endearing, interchanges he made which encouraged my participation in ‘B’ movie dialog. I happily share credit with Dr K for my all-time best quip (circa late-1950’s): “Hello, Snowfire…?”, precisely timed to the boy’s inhale as he answered the ringing phone on the screen of Proctor’s RKO 86th.
    I miss him too.