Category: Among the Barbarians

  • California “here we come”

    The barbarians are at the gates, and Washington, D.C. may never be the same. If American voters thought the war in Iraq was the most pressing issue of the day, Barbara Boxer may soon be disabusing them of that notion. Likely to be the next chair of the Senate Environment committee, Boxer is ecstatically planning…

  • Special Election as fodder for theater

    John Warren from Unconditional Theatre invites us to hear stories about the upcoming special election: The Special Election is less than a month away. How much do you know about the ballot measures? Wondering whether it’s worth going to the polls at all? Unconditional Theatre is here to help! We’re hosting an evening of stories…

  • Got (moooo) Smog?

    A curious editorial in the Sunday New York Times points out that California’s agricultural heartland may be at the heart of an air pollution crisis that could require regulation of cow emissions as well as car emissions. It seems that the mammoth dairy farms of the San Joaquin Valley–where about twenty percent of the nation’s…

  • Schwarzenegger’s popularity down to Bush levels

    The Field poll says only 39% of respondents would vote for Schwarzenegger again. Going, going, ….

  • JC’s Unitarian Jihad

    RaptorMage noted this on RaptorMagic and it was so perfect, I felt compelled to repost here. Highly recommended.

  • How do you measure work ethic?

    In What’s so great about the work ethic?, Mark A. R. Kleiman wonders why the much longer hours we work in the US (as compared with Europe) should be interpreted as a good thing and a sign of a strong work ethic. Glad someone is questioning this.