JC’s Unitarian Jihad

RaptorMage noted this on RaptorMagic and it was so perfect, I felt compelled to repost here. Highly recommended.






2 responses to “JC’s Unitarian Jihad”

  1. David Kolodney Avatar
    David Kolodney

    B. Russell said the Unitarian faith is that “There is at most one God.”
    And tangentially, when Russell was in prison for encouraging pacifism in WWI, the jailer asked him his religion. He said he was an atheist, and the jailor said, “That’s alright; we all believe in the same God anyway.”

  2. Dumpster Avatar

    Finally got around to the Carroll column. As I told him, this lapsed Unitarian is half-tempted to return to the fold, but I could never see the point of praying “to whom it may concern.”
    The other Unitarian joke is the one implied throughout the column: A UFO lands among Unitarians, and the alien says, “Take me to your leader.” “Umm…”