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  • Slight majority believe it was an accident

    I was listening to one of those right-wing blowhards on KSFO (560) in my car driving home last night and whoever it was cited a Rassmussen poll claiming that a whopping 57% of respondents believed that Dick Cheney shot his friend acquaintance by accident. He was triumphant about this number and mocked the 38% who […]

  • Swift Boats for Me, Me, Me!!

    It was nice of Bill O’Reilly to criticize the Swift Boat ads as deplorable. But, as he quickly notes, these sorts of smear ads have been coming from both sides, apparently, equally. In fact, last night he started his “talking points” discussion of the issue by focusing on the democratic side and how they are […]

  • Right-wing pundits agree

    Al Gore is insane.

  • This is my show, so shut up!

    Former U.S. Ambassador to the UN Richard Holbrook was on Hannity & Colmes Laugh-In last night, and provided for us a classic Hannity moment. I forget exactly what point was being made, but Holbrook was questioning something about Bush’s speech and policy and of course, midway through making a salient point, Sean tried to shut […]

  • The O’Reilly Sphincter

    As my first post to this blog, I must go to the first in no doubt a series of observations about one of my favorite analysts – Bill O’Reilly. The Bill O’Reilly Sphincter is big and scary, and a place from which many comically distorted facts and shameless self-promotions are pulled. I love Bill O’Reilly. […]