Slight majority believe it was an accident

I was listening to one of those right-wing blowhards on KSFO (560) in my car driving home last night and whoever it was cited a Rassmussen poll claiming that a whopping 57% of respondents believed that Dick Cheney shot his friend acquaintance by accident. He was triumphant about this number and mocked the 38% who believed there was more to the story.
Personally, I think of course that it was an accident, if a foolish one possibly indicative of a pattern of reckless behavior. But I’m more amazed that the mini-Rush wannabe I was listening to was trying to spin it as a good thing that *only* 57% of people polled were willing to accept that it was simply an accident.
Cheney’s credibility in general must be incredibly weak if that few people are willing to give him the benefit of the doubt.



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