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  • So… this happened

    So… this happened

    Like an aging AAA slugger called up to the majors, like a prep-school outsider starting college, like a choreographer with bad knees getting access to the biggest stage, I find myself leading the product management chapter at 18F as it celebrates its tenth anniversary. 18F is a consulting entity in TTS (Technology Transformation Services) in…

  • Super friends

    Super friends

    Between recording sessions and working for the state, I’ve been planning a redux of the one-day remote Design in Product conference and just posted a video over on Linky-Din promoting it.

  • The 12 Pods of 2022

    Twelve podcasts of 2022

  • Growing Product People

    Where do great product people come from? Can you hire them? Are they hiding inside your organization? Can you grow them from engineers? Designers? Project Managers? It turns out that you can.