The 12 Pods of 2022

On this twelfth day of Solstice, I’d like to share twelve podcast appearances or similar public free speaking engagements from the past year:

  1. With Lou from Rosenfeld review, in Jan, as my book was about to drop:
  2. Then this interview with a Jobs to Be Done crew in Feb:
  3. In March I talked to the Mind the Product folks about moving from UX to product:
  4. In April I gave a free talk for the School of Visual Arts:
  5. In May I sat for a UI Breakfast (fourth podcast):
  6. Also in May, my appearance on Brave UX was a deeper dive than most, getting into “dangerous dogma” (fifth podcast, and my personal favorite for the year):
  7. In early June, I spoke at Chicago Camps
  8. In July, I talked product management on the UX Podcast (sixth podcast):
  9. In September, I had an amazing chat with two energetic Brazilian enthusiasts on Good Morning UX (seventh podcast):
  10. Also in November, I spoke remotely at UX Australia and it turns out they have a podcast, too (eighth):
  11. In November we tried to bridge the gap between product and SEO on UNmiss (ninth podcast):
  12. Also in November I was back with Lou to discuss the Design in Product conference, a spinoff from the book (tenth podcast):
  13. The last podcast of the year (to come out, at least one more was recorded and should drop soon), was with the No Nonsense Agile podcast gang (eleventh podcast):
  14. …and my last public talk of the year, when I brought Superfriends back to my hometown crowd:
  15. The twelfth podcast for this set actually is not from 2022: my (still highly relevant) conversation with Jorge Arango from March of 2020 (just as the pandemic was hitting):



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