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  • Tune In, Cloud On, Rock Out!

    Tune In, Cloud On, Rock Out!

    One thing about working real hard is that a lot of things I’d love to post about never seem to make it to the top of the queue, and then the blog turns into “here are my slides, here is a video of my talk, here is a weird song by the band, here is…

  • See me and other "web app masters" in San Diego next week

    Time is fast running out to sign up for the first stop on the UIE Web App Masters Tour in San Diego on March 23 and 24 next week. I have to admit I love seeing stuff like this in my inbox: Oh, and if you’ve scrolled down this far, you can get a $300…

  • An essential guide to fostering online community

    Building Social Web Applicationsby Gavin BellO’Reilly (October, 2009) Gavin Bell draws on his extensive experience to offer a well structured guide to adding community elements to a website or application. His book will help any professional planning a social strategy, designing a set of social features, determining the types of relationships to foster among users,…

  • Graphing the social graph graph

    Just noticed there’s a conference coming up in a few weeks here in the valley that seems extremely narrowcast to me: Graphing Social Patterns: The Business & Technology of Facebook….

  • Weird modal dialog box put up by iTunes

    Thanks, iTunes! Originally uploaded by xian. Not really sure how to respond to this. Well, actually, I do know how to respond. I had to click Yes.

  • Sifry steps down as Technorati CEO

    Maybe everyone else in the blogosphere knows this already but I just read that Dave Sifry is stepping down as CEO of Technorati: Technorati Weblog: A Change In Seasons Looks like Tantek’s timing was impeccable. I first met Dave during the dotcom bust when blogging was booming (again) on the backs of a lot of…