Category: Applications

  • Twitterific weirdness

    Most of the time when I post a tweet using Twitterific (which I mostly love), I get this strange window popping up: Why does Twitterific want to talk to Skype anyway? Bueller?

  • My slides from the IA Summit

    Here are my slides from my presentation, Mobile Information Architecture: Designing Experiences for the Mobile Web: (I may update them with a 2.0 version based on some new learnings from subsequent conversations, and a different idea of how to pace the imagery.) And here are my slides from the panel I moderated, Lessons From Failure:…

  • My slides from SxSW

    These slides are only minutely useful as they are nearly all images without any notes or bullet points. When the podcast comes out I will work on synchronizing my remarks with the slides. I’ll be posting Ted Nadeau’s slides next. His were much more content rich. **Update:** Here are Ted’s slides:

  • Microsoft licensing the Office 2007 ('ribbon' etc.) interface

    Via the IxDA list I noticed this item on the Jensen Harris’ An Office User Interface Blog explaining how application developers can license and implement the new Microsoft Office 2007 interface, “including the Ribbon, galleries, [and] the Mini Toolbar.” Here are more details on the licensing process and the place where you actually go to…

  • Zune's user interface

    Engadget posted a video showing a complete interface walkthrough for Zune, demonstrating its UI and wireless sharing feature (via Edwin Booth, who posted the link to the IxDA list, saying, “If you’ve used Windows Media Center, it’s very similar”).

  • Google release Gmail mobile client

    Gmail works pretty well on mobile devices already, but Google just announced a Java client application for mobile (Official Google Blog: Gmail mobile client is live) that runs on hundreds of devices. I visited the download page on my phone and it automatically detected that I was connecting via an HTC 2125 and supplied me…