Category: Business

  • E-commerce (with PayPal and Dreamweaver) on a Budget

    Chapter 21 of Dreamweaver Savvy described how to build an e-commerce site. Here’s some useful advice from Macromedia for adding PayPal services to such as site: The PayPal eCommerce Toolkit extension for Dreamweaver MX allows web designers and developers to quickly and easily add e-commerce functionality to a website. [Macromedia Designer & Developer Center]

  • Dreamweaver Installed Base vs. User Base

    Scot Hacker jots in his personal blog about going to a Macromedia demo in S.F. and still preferring his native coding environments to Dreamweaver MX. He wonders if the large numbers of developers installing Dreamweaver are actually using it day-to-day. Read his post and some followup comments to find out more.