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  • Now it can be told

    The walrus was nick…

  • AOL?!? Really?

    Some thoughts on my first few days on my new job as a consumer experience evangelist at AOL, and what I hope to help the team here accomplish.

  • My Yahoo! years

    This post has turned out to be a lot more difficult to write than I expected. Last Tuesday was my final day at Yahoo! I wrote a valedictory post for the YDN blog as my official signoff. It wasn’t easy resigning from Yahoo! I started working there more than three years ago and had a…

  • First YDN video podcast with Jonathan Leblanc

    Jonathan gives a few shout outs to the Yahoo! Design Pattern Library and my new book, Designing Social Interfaces. The best part is when the host says he considers the Yahoo! Developer Network to be “the unsung hero of the Internet.”

  • If I have to appear in Valleywag this is the way to go

    Started off Saturday morning with Kick ’08. Namedropping: Talked to George Kelly, Erin Malone, Anil Dash, Jessamyn West (yay!), Simon Willison, Owen Thomas, Hugh Forrest, Micah Alpern (briefly, passing on the escalator), Janna Hicks DeVylder so far….

  • What can I say about OpenSocial?

    The blog world, along with my slice of the twitter world, is abuzz with attempts to understand, analyze, deconstruct, laud, and excoriate Google’s new OpenSocial initiative.