If I have to appear in Valleywag this is the way to go

team' return of the cobra kai' poses for its photo opp at Kick '08 at SxSW
Started off Saturday morning with Kick ’08.
Namedropping: Talked to George Kelly, Erin Malone, Anil Dash, Jessamyn West (yay!), Simon Willison, Owen Thomas, Hugh Forrest, Micah Alpern (briefly, passing on the escalator), Janna Hicks DeVylder so far….




6 responses to “If I have to appear in Valleywag this is the way to go”

  1. Bryce Avatar

    I gotta say, that pose just does not scream Kobra Kai to me…
    Kobra Kasual, maybe.

  2. Unhappy SXSWer Avatar
    Unhappy SXSWer

    Dude, 150 people who are tied into social reputation systems now know that the “Yahoo Pattern Detective” is a self-promoting jerk who’s willing to waste 2 minutes of their time. What were you thinking? The guy after you had a great question, but we never got to hear the answer.
    We oughta go to your core conversation today and have a very, very different conversation.

  3. xian Avatar

    “Dude,” you oughtta. It might be more productive than an anonymous hit-and-run comment on a blog.
    You may recall that Thor had no answer for the extremely interesting question (to do with Intl situations) that came after me (and that it was the end of the session, and that in fact there was no one at the mic when I went up to it, etc.).
    Good meta-ironic comment on reputation, though.

  4. Unhappy SXSWer Avatar
    Unhappy SXSWer

    Oooh — nice job waiting a month, then back-dating your reply to appear to call me out!
    About as courageous as anonymous commenting, but more creative.
    Maybe you are an expert on online reputation after all.

  5. xian Avatar

    wow, I’ve got a cheap-ass anonymous stalker. I haz arrived!
    I plead stupidity! My comment was in moderation.
    I either owe you a beer or an ass-kicking, but since I can’t tell how buff you are, it’s hard to know.
    (Note to self: approve own comment quickly to avoid more painful teasing.)