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  • …and into the studio we go

    …and into the studio we go

    Got a rough demo in the can already!

  • The 12 Pods of 2022

    Twelve podcasts of 2022

  • Grrr

    I plan to strip down and rebuild this blog (gradually, over time) but it’s still annoying that something I did with a new summary page template messed up the basic typeface of the place!

  • Ready fedi?

    Ready fedi?

    As I get more into this fediverse thing I want to start trying to wean my photos off of Instagram / Bookface and my videos off of YouTube / same. Just as Mastodon is an open federated microblogging service akin to Twitter, Pixelfed and Peertube and federated photo and video services. Just so, I have […]

  • Yule see

    Yule see

    Where I am in my life now this time of year more and more represents a necessary period of calm and reflection, a time for taking stock and considering possible course corrections for the next cycle to come. This becomes more and more important and even dear to me, I find. Anyhow, see you on […]

  • Testing, testing

    Testing, testing

    Trying to see if my posts are propagating across the fediverse as intended…