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  • Grrr

    I plan to strip down and rebuild this blog (gradually, over time) but it’s still annoying that something I did with a new summary page template messed up the basic typeface of the place!

  • Ready fedi?

    Ready fedi?

    As I get more into this fediverse thing I want to start trying to wean my photos off of Instagram / Bookface and my videos off of YouTube / same. Just as Mastodon is an open federated microblogging service akin to Twitter, Pixelfed and Peertube and federated photo and video services. Just so, I have […]

  • Yule see

    Yule see

    Where I am in my life now this time of year more and more represents a necessary period of calm and reflection, a time for taking stock and considering possible course corrections for the next cycle to come. This becomes more and more important and even dear to me, I find. Anyhow, see you on […]

  • Testing, testing

    Testing, testing

    Trying to see if my posts are propagating across the fediverse as intended…

  • Migration


    After reactivating the Mastodon account I provisioned in 2019 over at, I started noticing that that instance, well managed and moderated as it is, is a larger one, getting bigger all the time, and it was starting to throw errors. They say to build the fediverse out and not up, so I started exploring […]

  • Sure, summer break is nice

    Sure, summer break is nice

    but have you tried generally just kind of slowing down, exhaling, taking stock, wrapping things up, and accepting the open secret about most of the working world that doesn’t have a seasonal spike between mid-November and the end of the year, that around now people are taking their foot off the productivity gas pedal and […]