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  • My birdsite visits are getting shorter

    My birdsite visits are getting shorter

    As I move my online conversational focus to the more open federated spaces (rumors are Tumblr will be plugging in next), I am spending more of my time checking (and debating the cultural norms of) Mastodon, and connecting to folks there, and while I still feel compelled to check Twitter via its website (I removed […]

  • Bucket list achievement unlocked

    Bucket list achievement unlocked

    I have often said I will end up as a minor footnote in Grateful Dead history, on the back of my obscure essays and peripheral involvement with “Dead scholarship.” Recently, one of my writer pals with similar obsessions has been the host of the Good Ol’ Grateful Deadcast, which has quickly turned into one of […]

  • Quiet mornings are good for reflection

    Quiet mornings are good for reflection

    I used to be a night person. I used to sleep in as much as I possibly could. Sometime in the last decade or two I turned in to a morning person, and I’ve learned to really appreciate the quiet early morning hours before the rest of the world has woke up. This is when […]

  • Got my flu shot yesterday

    Got my flu shot yesterday

    Remember when vaccines were just a normal thing nobody freaked out about? So far no arm ache and no malaise, so that’s good. On the other hand I may already have had this flu after my trip to Europe in September and October. Meanwhile covid cases are up in California again, darnit.

  • More geek stuff

    More geek stuff

    I’m still messing with how these blog posts display when they are federated out to the #fediverse. It may take a little bit of tinkering but eventually, I’ll get things how I like them.

  • rip van weblog

    rip van weblog

    anybody else feel like they’re waking up from a #lazyweb trance?