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  • Grrr

    I plan to strip down and rebuild this blog (gradually, over time) but it’s still annoying that something I did with a new summary page template messed up the basic typeface of the place!

  • Quick recursive test

    Quick recursive test

    trying out a fediembedi tag to insert my mastodon feed here as a test

  • Whoa, we’re halfway there

    Whoa, we’re halfway there

    OK, so I was able to find @xian@mediajunkie.com in a fediverse lookup, which was pretty cool. There was a sort of bio listing in Mastodon. From there I was able to follow my own blog (yay), and I could click through as well, but that brings us to the design-neglected user page instead of the…

  • This thing on?

    If I did this right, then my blog is now on the Fediverse at @xian@mediajunkie.com — do the double at signs bother any else? @@

  • mediajunk.ie is back up

    thanks to my benefactor Declan we have kept the slightly shorter URL mediajunk.ie working for this site but when I moved the hosting to wpengine that was broken for a bit. Today I finally got around to checking how to fix the redirect at wpengine and it involved typing the domain in a box and…

  • Quick test of a new comment plug-in

    Looking to see if I can integrate my comment system with fubber and twudder…