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MaryHodder: RT @zephoria: “Are You F*cking Kidding Me?” is a hysterical song about Facebook/Twitter by Kate Miller-Heidke

steveportigal: Delish: Sherry Turkle is Professor of the Social Studies of Science and Technology at MIT and a sociologi..

laughingsquid: hilarious @parislemon didn’t like @songadaymann’s @bing jingle, so @songadaymann made one about him

davegray: This book I am working on is gonna KICK ASS!

cwodtke: @bokardo

nwjerseyliz: Has anyone tried Muuter ( Tagline: “Because we get tired of noisy twitters too…”

joshu: delicious, fix the popular algos. nytimes should not be here: … happy to tweet algo in case you forgot.

Favorited from Twitter to remember to read

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chrismessina: RT @benwerd: The Twitter denial of service and single points of failure: #diso #identica

kevinmarks: Here’s the press release about me joining BT as VP of Web Services, working with @jobsworth and @ribbit

bobulate: Recommended: Stop what you’re doing and read this. Words to watch: flames, awesome, unicorns, beer coasters, honor.

They're called favorites for a reason

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SarahKSilverman: Goddamnit! I am so sick of paying top dollar for mustache rides.

jlangdale: RT @mashable Teens Don’t Tweet RT @jedijunkie: Also, Boy’s don’t cry, the numbers don’t lie, and Homie don’t play that.

bobulate: What makes a good editor? RT Regarding saying no, the personal agenda, and edifying editing: (via @thatwhichmatter)

brianoberkirch: My hair turned so gray over the past few years it looks like I’ve been wrassling lightning. (p.s., I won.)