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  • Must-share flotsam: Dylan and the Band live

    For your listening pleasure, this Bob Dylan and The Band 1969-1970 Compilation DVD:

  • (Here Comes) The Reuben Kincaid!

    So sometime back in the previous millennium a bunch of us technical-publishing bohemians were sitting around wasting time as we were wont to do, coming up with band names, which reminds me of xian’s law: “There are more good band names than there are good bands.” One of the ones that I suggested that our…

  • Need that elusive chinchilla sound effect?

    Now here’s something useful:

  • With the Cadillac and gas money spent

    It was great to see the main rap from Hustle and Flow win the Oscar for best song, but did they really have to alter the chorus to sing about “a whole lot of [w]itches jumping ship”? I’m as sensitive as the next guy, but witch just doesn’t make any sense in that context. They…

  • Another language peeve

    When did touch base morph into touch base*s*? Is it because few people still follow baseball? In baseball touching base is making an important connection. Touching bases sounds like two people each holding some kind of “base” and touching them together. I can’t picture it.

  • When you go to California….

    A friend on a mailing list, writing to another friend who’s contemplating a move, passed along this wonderful quotation: Someone had mentioned an analogy that had begun to prey on my mind. Going to California, he had said, was like entering a swimming-pool. It was pleasant, you swam a few laps, and before you knew…