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  • I kind of wanna, wanna drown…

  • U2 at Jazz Fest 2006

    Ruh roh! Rumor has it that U2 has been booked for Fest. This may be good for turnout but it may also be kind of a nightmare for just hanging out and being mellow.

  • Fest Lives!

    I’m not sure bigger is always better, but I’m glad to hear that Festival Productions is committed to making Jazz Fest happen on schedule next year: Planners promise bigger Jazzfest We may need to get our plane tickets soon!

  • New Orleans will rise again

    I even think there will be a Mardi Gras, but this is some good news (from The Times-Picayune): The 2006 New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival will go on by Zack Smith “There will be a Jazzfest. We are committed to putting on the 2006 Jazz and Heritage Festival, whatever that may take,” said Quint […]

  • Jazz Fest, Day Three

    Jazz Fest, Day 3 Originally uploaded by xian. iPhoto choked out while trying to upload my 91 photos from Sunday, but I’ll get them all up to flickr eventually. Here’s a shot of (some of) Don Vappie’s Creole Jazz Serenaders with Michael Doucet (of BeauSoleil) sittin in on violin – or is that fiddle? Oh, […]

  • Jazz Fest, Day Two

    iced coffee and four (huge) beignets large rosemint tea one nacatamal (b) one seafood gumbo Big Sam’s Funk Nation (congo square) Charles Teony of Recife, Brazil (heritage stage) New Leviathan Oriental Foxtrot Orchestra (economy hall) Fishbone (congo square), they started late, only heard 3/4 of a song large cochon de lait po-boy (en route to […]