U2 at Jazz Fest 2006

Ruh roh! Rumor has it that U2 has been booked for Fest. This may be good for turnout but it may also be kind of a nightmare for just hanging out and being mellow.






2 responses to “U2 at Jazz Fest 2006”

  1. maeve921 Avatar

    Wow, that would be quite a trip for them to break up their tour in Australia to go to Jazz Fest. Maybe because Edge has gotten involved in a save the musicians org there.

  2. Ryan Avatar

    Hey, I think it would be great if U2 came to New Orleans. They are always interested in humanatarian acts. Louisiana along with the greater Gulf Coast have suffered the greatest national disaster in American history. I played a huge part in search and rescue in the Gulf Coast and New Orleans area. Being from Louisiana and never having a chance to attend Jazz Fest, it would be great to have U2 there. I have made plans to attend this year and would be more than thrilled to see them perform live and to see them continue their humantarian efforts.