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  • Awkward silence

    For some odd reason both of the outgoing mail servers that route mail for me from my various addresses are stalling out repeatedly at the moment. This means I have about seven or eight messages in my queue that aren’t being sent out. This means that I may be trying to reply to email from…

  • We can rebuild it

    I tore down the monolog at x-pollen and built it back up as a new standalone blog. It was a fake blog before. Now it has its own blog number in my system and for the time being it will only update when I update it manually (at least until I get a crontab working).…

  • Who else loves cake?

    Hallelujah. Jeff’s Spleen is producing its… er, bile? once again! But that design, it’s so 2003….

  • Why do businesspeople love magic squares?

    I’m the same way. I love it when you can talk about all music as popular and good, popular and bad, unpopular and good, or unpopular and bad. I love magic squares. Is it because they’re very small databases?

  • My pipes, my strings

    What the voice is for, what the body wants.

  • What happened to X-POLLEN?

    Christian Crumlish’s personal weblog, most recently called X-POLLEN, has been renamed. It is now called wake up and has been moved to xianlandia.com, as a more appropriate domain for Christian’s personal effects. Christian feels strange writing about himself in the third person and will stop now. You can also call it “xianlandia” or Christian’s blog…