Blogging the election

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As if I didn’t already have enough places to post blog entries, I’ve recently become a contributing editor at Personal Democracy Forum where the staff is furiously blogging the election all day, particularly looking for technology related angles. We’ll be watching the buzz, the pollwatchers, the chatter coming from social media centers, and any other memes and trends we notice emerging from the online sphere.
Please join us as a complement to whatever mass media you are consuming today!

Chilling effects

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A letter from a city councilmember running for mayor of LA to an anonymous blogger (4th Floor Blog) has convinced her to shut down her blog (via Martini Republic and LA Observed).
Here’s part of the letter:

I appreciate the opportunity to respond to your comments, no matter how misguided and totally out of focus they were. And, I appreciate your attempt to provide information. But, make no mistake, I will not tolerate any more cheap shots. And, I hope our next correspondence will be made in person… if you’re brave enough.

What to include in your blog

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At Watermark, Sharon Brogan notices that some bloggers are pointedly eschewing politics i nthe runup to the election, and she asks her readers for guidance on whether they prefer a blog that focuses on some core areas of knowledge or one that ranges over a wide variety of topics, including political punditry.
It’s a great question and I doubt there’s a single one-size-fits-all answer. I’ve often read commenters on this or that weblog complain that “I don’t read you for your political views – I read you for your expertise” or “I don’t read you for your cat pictures, I read you for your political views” or variations on those themes.
Others seem to prefer the holistic view of a human being. Jason Kottke is the canonical “anything I think about is fair game” / “it’s all here in one place” type of blogger.
I’ve gone the channelization route, posting to multiple blogs, sometimes into specific categories as a way of enabling people to consume a focused stream. Then I reaggregrate (most) of what I write in my monolog, but that’s just me.
I think all approaches are valid, and asking your readers is a smart way to learn from them. The comment thread at Brogan’s Watermark entry is well worth reading to gather a range of insightful views. Any blogger would envy sbpoet for her intelligent, thoughtful readers.