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  • gee and i've only met barlow once

    gee and i’ve only met barlow once Originally uploaded by xian was JP Barlow idly doing the comparisons today, or is this more like secret-admirer spam?

  • Social design patterns slides from BayCHI last week

    Here are my slides from my talk at Xerox Parc (the BayCHI monthly program meeting) on April 8th: | View | Upload your own When I get the audio, I plan to put together a slidecast to synch the slides to the talk, which should be more valuable. Oh, and consider viewing the slides in…

  • Notchup invites a cock-up?

    I’m having second thoughts about Notchup.

  • Help me write my book about presence

    I’m going to write my book, Presence of Mind (working title), on a wiki with as much input from others as possible. I’m also starting a mailing list to discuss online presence and related topics (extending from closely related matters such as identity, reputation, attention, privacy and so on, out to the full array of…

  • Ambient info edu revolution

    Michael Wesch, who created the virally popular internet video called Web 2.0: The Machine is Us/ing Us (its success drew on a sort of meta-application of the very concepts it discussed), was the keynote speaker at IDEA 2007 last week. As part of his keynote, he previewed two videos he has now released to the…